Meal Delivery FAQ's

Chef-Crafted Menus + Healthy-Lifestyle

At Root & Vine we specialize in healthy, organic cuisine using the freshest in-season ingredients, with produce picked at its peak, for supreme taste and nutrition. We strive to think out-of-the-box creating fun and imaginative menus to delight your senses, inspire a healthy-lifestyle, and keep you happy, from the inside out.

What is Root & Vine Meal Delivery all about?

We create fresh, nutrient-dense, organic, ready-to-eat meals, perfectly portioned for optimal nutrition, to meet your wellness goals, and delight your taste buds. We hand select each menu weekly and within 24 hours of locally-sourced ingredients arriving at our kitchen, your meals are packed in an insulated bag and on their way to you. If you are interested in private chef services or a custom menu, we can do that too!

Menu Selections

Choose the Menu that best fits your lifestyle + wellness-goals. GET-FIT - Guided by portion size, designed to help you lose those unwanted pounds, while boosting energy and health. We hand-pick the freshest organic produce and all-natural proteins, cooking them to perfection, to help you stay on the right path. Each day is built on a 1200 calorie balanced, nutritious, and absolutely delicious meal plan. We will help you lose weight, control your calorie intake, stabilize your blood sugar, and decrease your cholesterol levels. Each meal is free of dairy + grains + fat, packed with all the vitamins, omegas and antioxidants you need to shed the pounds and meet the new, healthier, and happier you. (available vegan + vegetarian) PALEO - Eating a diet based in high-proteins will help you tame your hunger, build muscle, and be-fit. Your day consists of 3 meals, 1 plant-protein shake, and 1 high-protein snack. We create a meal plan that is fit for a warrior with quality meats, fresh-vitamin charged fruits, and good for you carbs from organic veggies. Leave it to us to create inventive, tasty, high-protein meals that will awaken your tastebuds and give you the nutrients you need, to recharge, energize, and satisfy those hunger pains, leaving you happy and satisfied. CALI-STYLE - Our delicious menus give you a variety of world-inspired dishes made with local-organic vegetables + fruit, gluten-free grains, and organic proteins, Cali-style. We help you stay light + satisfied, while nourishing your body with nutrient-rich foods, that allow you to recharge, relax, and reconnect with your higher-self. (available vegan + vegetarian) SENIOR - A classic-wholesome menu is designed to fuel the body and warm the heart! We create dishes that enhance quality of life, while meeting the nutritional needs of seniors with with a high-fiber, calcium-rich, low-protein + low-sugar prepared meals. Experience the freedom and peace of mind knowing that you are eating healthy, delicious foods that will enhance your living, and give you back the time you were missing from shopping, cooking, and clean up. (available vegan + vegetarian)
We offer a set menu of delicious meals that rotates weekly, as well as seasonally. While you can’t pick and choose specific meals, rest assured that each dish is nutritionally designed for optimal health and taste. We use only quality, organic ingredients—meaning you and your body will love them!

What comes in each delivery?

Root & Vine meal delivery includes; 3 meals, 1 healthy snack + 1 sweet treat per/day (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack + dessert) We deliver your meals in an insulated bag, ready to pop in your fridge or freezer. *3 day minimum/per week + *$25 delivery fee applied to cost.

Daily "Sample" Menu

GET-FIT (free of dairy, grains + fat)

  • Detox acai bowl topped with slivered almonds + bee pollen.
  • Greek bowl - Wild salt + pepper shrimp, crisp cucumbers, fresh herbs, cherry tomatoes + chopped celery tossed in a lemon-garlic vinaigrette.
  • Edamame hummus + snap peas.
  • Moroccan bowl - Spiced organic chicken breast, roasted cauliflower, eggplant + fresh mint.
  • Sweet treat - Coconut-chia pudding with fresh berries.
PALEO (high-protein free of dairy + grain)
  • Paleo breakfast bowl - Farm fresh eggs, char-grilled flank steak, roasted sweet potato hash, sautéed tuscan kale, fresh mushrooms + roasted red bell peppers + onions. served with chimichurri sauce.
  • Paleo protein "raw-energy" bar.
  • Protein wrap with bacon, wild salt + pepper shrimp + oven-roasted tomatoes wrapped in lettuce. Served with almond-zucchini hummus + plantain chips.
  • Chocolate Protein shake with bee pollen + almonds.
  • Organic Beef + shiitake meatloaf with a marsala reduction, roasted broccoli + whipped cauliflower mash.
CALI-STYLE (a balance of healthy-proteins, fresh vegetables + whole-grains)
  • Protein "raw-energy" bar + coconut-chia pudding with bee pollen + fresh berries.
  • Vietnamese fresh shrimp spring rolls with spicy-peanut sauce.
  • Morrocan sweet pototo + eggplant croquettes.
  • Chicken tortilla soup + caesar salad with cilantro-lime dressing.
  • Chewy "vegan" brownie
SENIOR (low-protein, high-fiber, calcium rich + low-sugar)
  • "Carrot-pineapple-raisin" bakied french toast with coconut syrup.
  • Morrocan chicken salad, veggie sticks + chickpea-roasted pepper hummus.
  • Chia Greek yogurt parfait with fresh berries
  • Baked brown sugar-mustard-soy salmon with roasted sweet potatoes + garlic-sesame snap peas.
  • Key lime cheese cake

How much does it cost?

GET-FIT starts at $65.95 per/day. PALEO starts at $85.95 per/day. CALI-STYLE starts at $75.95 per/day SENIOR starts at $65.95 per/day PRIVATE CHEF $45.00 per hour * $25 delivery fee is applied