Food Lover + Creative Chef

In 2011, we opened the doors for the first time in a beautiful restaurant on wheels (aka the Bite Me Foods truck) offering seasonal, local, organic food. We traveled throughout Southern California, sharing our passion for healthy and tasty food, all while meeting amazing people. We specialize in private parties, weddings, corporate affairs, and meal delivery. Root & Vine is dedicated to maintaining the highest standard of culinary excellence, with an emphasis on seasonally inspired dishes and fun, on-trend, imaginative menus. It is our mission to make healthy living effortless and simple, while reducing our environmental footprint. All of our offerings are prepared with the freshest in-season ingredients, grown by local and organic farms, with produce picked at its peak for supreme taste and wholesome nutrition. We strive to think outside the box, never forgoing flavor or quality, while creating exquisite food at a competitive price. Good for the planet, good for you. We like to call it Smart Food, made from scratch with love.


“it’s a beautiful thing to do what you love. thank you for allowing me to share in your celebration and to bring a smile to your table. cheers to you!”

“Cooking is my passion!! Food is art. Food is life. As a healthy-food enthusiast, I was motivated from the beginning to create a brand that embodied everything that is important to me. Food should tickle the tastebuds while improving one's life. It should be fresh, whole, and real. More than ever before, people are more conscientious about where their food comes from and how its prepared. Organically grown, GMO-free, gluten-free, and vegan are not just trends, but a way of life for more and more people. Californians are expanding their knowledge and culinary experiences with exotic ingredients and exciting new foods. There is nothing better than sharing a beautiful meal in the company of friends and family. I’m thrilled to work with such an amazing team, doing what we love. For me, it's a great day when I get to cook for others!” 

Alissa Renee Grenis